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The furniture shop makes wide assortment of qualitative and inexpensive case furniture for the house: vestibules, kitchens, drawing rooms, furniture for children and teenagers, modular systems, computer tables, curbstone TV, cases-compartments.


Furniture manufacture is located in St.-Petersburg on October quay 50.  "ART-DESIGN" - Dynamically developing company which works in the furniture market since 2000. Since then volumes of output and furniture sales constantly increased and now it is possible to tell, what mark "ART-DESIGN" It is known in many regions of Russia. At so successful results - three principal causes. The first - a highly effective cycle of manufacture and the sale, giving one of the best on branch of indicators of a parity of quality and the price. "ART-DESIGN" - The Russian company working on import raw materials and on the western technologies. All process equipment for furniture manufacture is put from Germany, Italy and the USA. Furniture cases are executed from qualitative non-polluting German and Finnish DSP (8, 16, 22, 26, 32 mm), the covered decorative film about finish by effect of wide color scale. Various kinds of facades - from frame MDF and softforminga are used. The furniture is completed with import accessories (BLUM, FERRARI, RAUMPLUS, HETTICHE, etc.)


The factory uses last novelties of the furniture industry in furniture manufacture and creates an inexpensive qualitative product of modern design. Use of various technologies and a color palette, allows to make an order of hundred names of furniture.


Observing all European and Russian quality standards "ART-DESIGN" Considers requirements of buyers at level of technical and design decisions. An individual approach to the buyer, the widest spectrum of production and color scale of tens shades allow furniture "ART-DESIGN" To enjoy the deserved trust of clients.


And not the unimportant reason - a brand recognized and a success at buyers "ART-DESIGN", that was promoted in many respects by its advancement in the furniture markets of St.-Petersburg. Specificity of the Russian market of furniture consists in weak development of a brand as that. Therefore the companies, before competitors realized what exactly the brand and quality is more and more important and defining criterion of a choice of the buyer and a guarantee of its trust, have received a powerful push to development. Understand it and regional dealers: the furniture of well recognized brand at other equal indicators with other manufacturers uses considerably a great demand at buyers.Магазины мебели на заказ в Петербурге


Our manufacture of furniture has own modern industrial complex equipped by last word technicians.


In furniture manufacture completing and account materials of leading world manufacturers are used.


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