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Art-Design furniture company

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Firm  "ART-DESIGN" exists in the market since 2000


Furniture manufacture: manufacture of interroom doors, manufacture of case furniture, kitchen furniture, for children's rooms, vestibules, office furniture, wardrobe and compartment cases.


Cтудия "ART-DESIGN" More than 8 years operatively and qualitatively make CASES-COMPARTMENTS under individual projects. We offer our clients a wide choice of cases-compartments from "house-keeper" to class "elite". Each case - is individual and considers features of each client. We also work with difficult and non-standard orders, providing thus constant quality assurance at all production phases of furniture. We guarantee the shortest terms of performance of orders - from 7 till 20 working days. The office and own manufacture in St.-Petersburg provide operative processing and tracing of performance of each order.


In manufacture qualitative and ecologically safe materials which one of the first have appeared in the Russian market are applied only and had time to prove as reliable, durable, aesthetic and convenient in operation. System-compartment Komandor - is developed in Canada, and made in Poland that provides its rather low cost in a combination to reliability and quality. Komandor represents in the Russian market both inexpensive steel systems, and the elite aluminium. System-compartment RaumPlus - is made in Germany and is one and best systems offered for today in the market of cases-compartments. Represents elegant, strong aluminium system-compartment of "elite" - a class.


The case and internally filling of cases-compartments is made from LDSP Finnish and German of manufacturers. LDSP corresponds to high European standards that provides quality and ecological compatibility. Glass and mirrors become covered by a special reinforcing film that provides safety in operation. Internal filling can include both regiments and boxes from LDSP, and metal mesh elements of the Swedish system of storage Elfa, and also any furniture accessories at will of the customer.


Our company gives to the customer a guarantee 1,5 years on all production, carries out guarantee and after a guarantee service. At the repeated reference in company Art-Design we will give you discounts for any kinds of works.


We offer the best prices for cases-compartments. The direct system of sales and presence of own industrial base provide not only the low prices, but also high quality of our production. Your order arrives directly on manufacture and is observed with the maximum accuracy in the shortest terms. To you deliver the ready details which installation will occupy few hours. You will be the designer of your case-compartment! Our skilled experts will arrive on object, will execute exact gauging, will make the design project, completely considering your wishes and possibilities. We are assured of quality of our production and competitive level of our prices.


Production of all furniture corresponds to all quality standards in the field of ecology and health protection that is confirmed by presence of certificates.


In our manufacture the qualified personnel works. Employed designers, designers and production workers - real masters of the business.