kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture

Inexpensive furniture for the kitchen

Kitchen or a kitchen-living room, you can say the most important room in an apartment or a country house. It does not matter what size kitchen, but for many years the kitchen began putting that unites family and friends. In Soviet times, the entire kitchen furniture was the same, and food economy class were all in the apartments, the maximum it was cheap Polish food production, which features an improved exterior design, but the quality was twice as worse than our standard domestic kitchen sets. Kitchen of Russian production could be bought, having stood in long lines in furniture stores, and food produced in Poland were sold at $ 200-300 per set. Since then, the furniture market of St. Petersburg all completely changed. A variety of options of kitchen furniture and quality of kitchens and kitchen fittings and accessories will surprise even connoisseurs of furniture production. Yes, there is, in the procurement of hardware and materials, we ourselves amazed fabrications manufacturers of accessories for kitchen furniture and a variety of materials and countertops for kitchen furniture manufacturing. So, going back to the past a little bit of kitchen furniture Soviet times, there was not only bad, since quite a number of dishes from the days are still alive, and even many in perfect condition, even though they are not one ten years. But thirty years ago, and today many kitchen room has not lost its unusualness and is not just a place to eat a meal and not part of the furniture and kitchen facilities, with drawers, overhead shelves and tables hammered pans. This is not just a room, and a communication space for friends and people close to us, for most of the kitchen is something special. Kitchen - a place for meeting, which brings together all of us with those who are dear to us in the kitchen, even for a short time, and not every day we get together with family, with our children and our parents. And in the end, as the kitchen is such an important room in the apartment, and then approach the selection and purchase of furniture for the kitchen should carefully and seriously. Our furniture company is ready to help you in choosing the furniture. The furniture site you are sure to find exactly the option of kitchen furniture that have been looking at furniture stores and showrooms of kitchen furniture, but could not find a quality kitchen furniture at an affordable cost.
Making inexpensive kitchen furniture in St. PetersburgOur furniture manufacturing offers reasonable prices for economy class cuisine, kitchen sets mid-priced, higher-end cuisine in a contemporary style and classic cuisine with an array of fronts, for particularly demanding customers who love the classics not only in the kitchen furniture. For most customers, we create a focus on the food economy - class, without losing the quality of the products, despite the low cost of the furniture. Since our inflation and rising prices for everything, people are trying to save their money on what turns out and send the savings to finance other needs, costs and pleasant joys of life - for children. Our production is ready to help you in choosing inexpensive food and materials for its production! We are the same people, and just believe that you can make a quality kitchen that will cost inexpensive. Modern, high-quality and comfortable kitchen Economy option to order our production complies with all relevant quality standards and customer needs. Just cheap bespoke kitchen has an attractive design, as the materials and accessories you choose yourself. Modern furniture for kitchen space should be functional and easy to use, practical and compact, leaving maximum space for the work surface and dining table, which is used by all family members. Cheap food made to order, it is, first of all space-saving kitchen space, especially in the homes of "Khrushchev", as well as low, attractive cost of food produced in our production. With inexpensive kitchen furniture under an order from art design, you can fully enjoy the comfort of the kitchen and the maximum convenience of kitchen furniture for real money, and not those prices for kitchen furniture which is offered in furniture stores and showrooms of kitchen furniture. Cheap food production factories Art Design are ideal apartment design studio or small apartment in the house of Khrushchev buildings. On our site kitchen furniture, we offer products only own furniture production. All dishes are made with modern equipment and professional craftsmen furniture makers. Use the services of the assembly and installation of furniture our furniture companies can residents of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, assembly and installation of kitchen furniture is made not only our production kitchens, but also other manufacturers of kitchen furniture bought in shops in the city.

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