Кухня модерн с антресольным рядом

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Кухня модерн

Кухня на заказ в стиле модерн от МК Арт-Дизайн Мебель


Звонить дизайнеру в будние с 10.00-22.00 в выходные и праздники с 11.00-22.00

Тел. 8 (812) 987-36-42

Тел. 8 (911) 992-39-88

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Кухонная мебель в стиле модерн

Made this non-standard kitchen furniture to order for a simple, modern interior. The simplicity of modern forms of art nouveau compensates sharp contrasts - This beautiful and elegant cuisine is a combination of white color on the wall panel with an almost black oak wenge, food and housing facades, dark gray countertop, which diversifies the glint of metal built-in appliances and accessories. Open shelves, small cabinets for storage in the upper unit and a massive economic unit with white facades, built-in black wall - all of which help the intuitive orientation between the different areas of kitchen furniture while cooking. Open shelves at eye level and in the lower module will arrange all the necessary items and frequently used stuff. Knives, blades and other accessories are also conveniently be placed on the metal "roof rail" above the work surface.

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